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Counter Knife

Practicing one of the worst case scenarios, when you are unarmed and your opponent has a knife. Possibly one of the most difficult situations in martial arts, we use combinations of fundamentals, drills, techniques and put it together practicing with uncooperative sparring partners. This is a sample of the latter.

Broadsword versus Broadsword

Green is fighting in the historical fencing system taught to the Highland Regiments.

Single Stick Sparring Using Slow Motion

This is treating the stick as a blade so we are prioritizing targeting to the opponent's weapon arm.

Training To Deploy

A tool in a pocket or holster is not terribly useful, practicing to deploy at a distance is relatively easy, practicing when it is up close and personal and you are dealing with a threat is difficult. This is an example of one of the BTG students getting his reps in under resistance.

Single Weapon Jab

BTG students get access to private video lessons to reference for their training. This is an example of one of the training videos.

Double Stick Sparring

Our students regularly compete in a variety of venues.

This was a highlight reel worthy fight of Kai (in blue) fighting at the 2017 Warrior Tipon Tipon.